Leave a comment of your review of your i-stay non-slip bag strap or laptop case or e-mail it to us at info@i-stayput.com and we can publish it on here – we love hearing from you!

“Very impressed with my new i-stay back pack. This bag is excellent, very innovative, stylish and absolutely practical for any event. The straps are definately as described and do not slip off the shoulder and it’s very comfortable too.
The compartments… wow I can store anything from a USB stick to a laptop, paperwork to my lunch box. I spent weeks looking for a bag that would suit me for work, college and walks and have to add…. brilliant!…. you fulfilled everything I was looking for in a bag. i-stay have set the new standard.”
Mr. J. C. Bulley via Amazon.co.uk

Purchased 1 of these bags and next day purchased a 2nd one for my daughters birthday. Great product and would reccomend this item to any one who has a IPad.”
Review of the i-stay iPad/tablet case is0101
Snap2 Products via BagsDirect.com

“Good, nonslip strap. I have searched and found it difficult to buy this size bag at a reasonable price and am very satisfied. I think I shall be using it for general purposes not just transporting the laptop which was my chief reason for buying it”
Hazel via viking-direct.co.uk

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