Hiplok Bike Locks

One product that’s caught our eye lately is this, the Hiplok. In short, it’s a bike lock that you can wear while on the move.


Have a look at them on YouTube

There a number of reasons why this should interest us (especially as several of our staff are keen cyclists). but above all, nothing gives us a bigger buzz than finding a kindred spirit.

Like i-stay, Hiplok have been inspired to exist by a common irritation.

Like i-stay, their eventual solution was innovative, yet simple, practical and comfortable.

Like i-stay, their ingenuity has won them awards.

Like i-stay, they are a small company quietly revolutionising their industry.


Peas in a pod.


i-stay Crosses the Pond

The i-stay brand continues to expand into new territories. We’ve recently inked a deal with a distributor which will see our products on sale – actually, like, in the flesh for sale – on the other side of the Atlantic.

So, for all you North American masses huddled together to keep each other’s bag straps on their shoulder, good news – you will soon be breathing free.

i-stay north america

And just in case you need reminding of the benefit of an i-stay non-slip strap, here’s our guide:

Luggage tag offer

Here at i-stay, we take our leisure time seriously, and we know you do too. There’s few things worse than a holiday spoiled. If you’re not able to relax and enjoy yourself on your time off from work, then what’s the point?

Well, we can’t guarantee everything, but we can help with one small detail.

So, if you purchase an i-stay strap or bag for your jet-setting this summer, then you will also receive a luggage tag at no extra charge. Just to make sure your i-stay really does stay where it’s supposed to!

Luggage tag 2

We’ve got some good news and some… more good news

The good news just keeps on coming for the i-stay brand.

Firstly, the IPO upgraded us to a full registered trademark. The unique webbed design of the i-stay non-slip bag strap is now an officially patent!


And secondly, we kept our place on Startups.co.uk‘s list of the top 100 new businesses. Open to any company formed in the last three years, we were once again placed quite near the top of the list. Read more here.

By the way, look whose image is slap bang the middle of this collage on their homepage:


Today the office, tomorrow the world

It’s bank holiday season, which always puts us in the travelling mood.

i-stay world

So, over on our Twitter we’re wondering where you might take your i-stay strap this year. As you can see from our website they’ve already turned up in some interesting places.

But we’re sure our collection isn’t even half-full (or even half-a-half-full, or even half-a-half-a-half-a-half… well, you get the idea). So, we’d like to hear where you’d take yours. In fact, as the i-stay can attach to camera bags as well as rucksacks, you might need more than one!

And when you get there, send us back a snap or two for our album. We promise we won’t bore you with a slideshow.

i-stay – Already Phablet Compatible

One interesting development in the tech world over recent years has been the rise of the ‘phablet’.


Phablets are where smartphones and tablet computers meet. Essentially a ‘big mobile’, phablets are proving an effective alternative for those who find typical-sized smartphones too fiddly (or a smaller screen too difficult to read), but neither want something quite so cumbersome as a two-handed tablet computer:

Best Phablets – Pocket Lint

Best Phablets – PC Advisor

The one drawback has been storage. Although designed to be as sleek as an average mobile, phablets are too wide for most pockets. Thankfully, i-stay are, as ever, ahead of the game.


Every i-stay case comes with a fancy padded organiser section. These compartments have specially shaped, secure pockets for each individual item in your mobile office. The ones for phones are easily snug enough to store even a phablet, eliminating any unsightly bulges in your clothes.

But what happens if your phablet starts going off? Well, the position of the organiser on the front of the bags ensures quick access. With the exception of our rucksack, you won’t even need to take the bag off your shoulder to open it.

i-stay = No More Rummaging.

i-stay Already Fits On Your Bag

Contrary to rumours, i-stay would like to make it perfectly clear that we have absolutely nothing against other bags. After all, variety is the spice of life.

To prove it, we would like to highlight one of the i-stay’s main selling points – its portability. You see, the i-stay isn’t just for slick business professionals. The clips at either end of the strap mean it can be attached to any bag that has D-rings, whether a laptop bag, a camera bag, a sports bag or whatever.

i-fit any bag no-text

It’s the best way of discovering the i-stay’s benefits. Just clip the strap on and you’ll be amazed at how much lighter and more comfortable your own trusty bag suddenly feels when you wear it with an i-stay.

i-stay Fits Any Bag

Watch our YouTube guide to the i-stay strap

So, even if you feel that your current bag suits your needs, try it with an i-stay makeover. You’ll feel the benefit.