Our Non-slip Bag Strap

The i-stay non slip bag strap is a truly unique item. The patented product has been designed in such as way that it does not slip off your shoulder when carrying a shoulder bag, making it ideal for busy people on the move, especially those who carry laptop bags regularly.

The i-stay strap features a patented “webbed” shoulder pad which ensures that the weight of the load is distributed evenly across the shoulder. The padding is made from a mixed compound and will not slip or slide off any fabric.


Key Features:

The non-slip feature of the i-stay strap allows you to carry your bag without holding on to the strap leaving your hands free for phone calls, holding a cup coffee, opening doors and much more! No more shoulder hunching or falling laptops!

The i-stay rubber shoulder strap cushions your shoulder with its thick, ergonomically-designed, comfortable pad

The strap helps to redistribute the weight of the bag’s load due to the wide and flexible pad – helping your bag to feel lighter!RCofC - CommendedThe i-stay strap helps to improve body alignment thereby reducing neck, shoulder, and back pain. It has been commended by the Royal College of Chiropractors for its ability to help users avoid the aches and pains associated with carrying a heavy shoulder bag.

The strap has been designed to fit on any bag with ‘D’ rings. You can attach it to a camera bag, laptop bag, holdall, handbag and much more!

Currently the i-stay strap is available to buy in 4 colours; Black, Red, Grey and White. It has been featured in the Daily Mail, Daily Express and has also been on ITV’s this Morning. Check out our TV and Press page for more details.

Product Specifications:
Strap length (shortest): 95 x 3.4cm
Strap length (Fully Extended): 149 x 3.4cm
Rubber: 28.4 x 6.3cm (at widest)
Weight: 0.15kg

If you are looking for something pratical and stylish then an i-stay non slip bag strap is for you!

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