i-stay Laptop / Tablet Backpack (is0402) review

We are indebted to Sarah Lean – who keeps a blog under the nickname Techie Lass and tweets @WeeYinFotos – for her positive review of our newest laptop backpack, the is0402 in grey.

You can read her review here – “feels like a quality product” indeed!



Are your children paying a heavy price for carrying books to school?

A-level students and secondary school pupils are carrying school bags weighing as much as 7.5kg (16.5lb) to school each day. The average weight carried is just over 6kg – the equivalent of three standard house bricks – according to a new survey.

Heavy books 008

The survey was conducted by i-stay amongst teenagers aged 16 -18 attending secondary schools and colleges at sample schools in England.  They were asked to weigh their bags using bathroom scales in the morning before leaving for school.

With the new term dates looming, they make for concerning reading for parents.

According to the survey, the average weight of books taken to school was 6.03kgs. The subjects with the academics subjects with heaviest books include Maths, History and Physics with an average of 4.6 books per subject, per term. The survey also found that Year 12 was the group with the heaviest bags and the most books. This is attributed to the fact that many students take four AS-levels before dropping to three subjects in Year 13.

“Parents might be surprised at just how heavy a teenager’s school bag can be,” comments Anneka Chauhan from i-stay. “To make things worse, many schools no longer provide lockers so that the student has to carry their heavy school bag around with them all day.

“At this age the spine is still developing, so too much weight can cause problems long term for the student,” comments chiropractor Tracy Dixon-Maynard from health assessment company Positura. She adds “The key is to carry less whenever possible and to spread the weight over a wide area – by using a rucksack carried on both shoulders for example. Putting pressure only on one side only can do long term damage to young spines including scoliosis.”

You can see the i-stay range of bags here.

Backpacks with logo

To help combat the problem i-stay have developed a range of rucksacks with protective cushioning and special straps which spread the weight of the books contained in the bag over a wider areas. This reduces the impact on the shoulder and the spine. The bags have been commended by the Royal College of Chiropractors for their sound ergonomic design and for the health benefits likely to be gained from using the products.

Parents looking for advice on how to select a school bag are offered this advice from the British Chiropractic Association:

  • Spend some time looking for a school bag that will help minimise the pressure on your child’s back when they’re carrying it.
  • Look out for bags which can be carried on both shoulders, with adjustable straps which will hold the contents close to their back and distribute weight evenly.
  • If your child insists on carrying a bag with one strap, encourage them to alternate which shoulder they carry it on and to carry it across their body.

“Whilst the books might be developing their minds, they are hampering their backs. Our i-stay products help to keep their spine safe without harming their education,” says Anneka. The range includes rucksacks, briefcases, and tablet cases as well as stand-alone straps that can be used with any type of bag.

If you are concerned about the weight of books that your child takes to school, why not treat them to an item from the i-stay range for the start of term?

How i-stay aides your body

Fortis: Our new range goes live

This is our first major announcement for some time, but it is a big one. This week saw the official launch of five brand new i-stay bags, the Fortis range.

is 0203

These bags are designed with the travelling executive in mind. A sleek and classy exterior encases a multitude of features within. As with our launch range, each bag is made of the highest quality nylon, with gunmetal fixtures and fittings, and all boast an extensive organiser section (with the addition of a detachable key fob) with huge amounts of storage space for your other essentials.

is 0204 Front Open

Every bag has a pocket specially tailored to fit a tablet of up to 12 inches in length, and all bar the tablet bag have another pocket for a laptop of up to 15.6 inches. Both of these pockets are lined with luxury burgundy ‘non-scratch’ fabric and each bag is fully padded throughout for maximum protection and comfort.

is 0202 Open

Speaking of comfort, our patented non-slip strap remains a key feature of course – with one exception. This range includes i-stay’s first trolley bag – with wheels designed to run ultra-smoothly – which we don’t recommend you carry on your shoulder! However, you can attach the laptop organiser/clamshell bags onto the telescopic handles using the retainer strap on the back.

is 0205 Trolley Retainer Strap

i-stay Fortis is the perfect companion for business and travel. Have a closer look on our website here; http://i-stayput.com/collections/i-stay-fortis-range.

The Sun Strap – Another Bright Idea

Something that’s come to our attention recently is this interesting project. A development team from Minnesota have come up with a solar panel that you can fit to your bag strap, allowing you to charge your USB devices while on the move.


Called the Sun Strap, the device is wonderfully slim and fairly lightweight, even with a battery big enough to charge several phones to maximum power! As you can see, it’s certainly not intrusive, and most importantly, would definitely not be a negation of our own pride and joy, the i-stay non-slip bag strap (which gently grips in such a way as to transfer the weight across your shoulder).

To read more about the Sun Strap, and perhaps make a donation to its funding, click here to be taken through to its Kickstarter page.

In short, this is definitely another invention made in the same, classic spirit that brought the i-stay into existence. A simple, comfortable and stylish, yet ingenious – and not to mention environmentally friendly – solution to a very common modern irritance. Much better than the cumbersome solar panels some people have erected on the back of their rucksacks!


We can only wish the team at Skajaquoda all the very best.


Luggage tag offer

Here at i-stay, we take our leisure time seriously, and we know you do too. There’s few things worse than a holiday spoiled. If you’re not able to relax and enjoy yourself on your time off from work, then what’s the point?

Well, we can’t guarantee everything, but we can help with one small detail.

So, if you purchase an i-stay strap or bag for your jet-setting this summer, then you will also receive a luggage tag at no extra charge. Just to make sure your i-stay really does stay where it’s supposed to!

Luggage tag 2

We’ve got some good news and some… more good news

The good news just keeps on coming for the i-stay brand.

Firstly, the IPO upgraded us to a full registered trademark. The unique webbed design of the i-stay non-slip bag strap is now an officially patent!


And secondly, we kept our place on Startups.co.uk‘s list of the top 100 new businesses. Open to any company formed in the last three years, we were once again placed quite near the top of the list. Read more here.

By the way, look whose image is slap bang the middle of this collage on their homepage:


Show your support for the Neo-Slip

Continuing our recent health kink, we’d like to draw your attention to another innovative product that, like our non-slip straps, shows how the simplest designs are often the most effective.


The Neo-Slip stocking aid was created by Neomi Bennett, a nursing graduate from Kingston University and a registered nurse. She was inspired to create the aid after repeatedly seeing patients struggling to put on their tight-fitting compression stockings.

The Neo-Slip is an easy and affordable solution to this problem: simply place it over the patient’s foot and ankle, and the stocking is suddenly able to slide over the foot and up the patient’s leg easily. For more information, visit neo-slip.co.uk

i-stay are committed to promoting innovative products and proudly nominate the Neo-Slip for the NHS’s Social Media Pioneers campaign.