A Proud (and Rare) Boast

Of all the honours bestowed upon the i-stay non-slip strap, one that we emblazon across all our media and packaging is this:

RCofC - Commended


Shortly after the i-stay’s launch, the Royal College of Chiropractors tested the i-stay’s claim of lightening the load of a heavy shoulder bag, and were sufficiently impressed to award it their official commendation:

“The College of Chiropractors has commended the i-stay non-slip bag strap for its potential to help users avoid musculoskeletal discomfort and to minimise the aches and pains associated with carrying a heavy shoulder bag.”

Needless to say, this was an unexpected bonus for a product conceived purely to make carrying your bag a little less irritating! This week, we had a look at who else carries this badge of honour and could find only one other – Dyson.

Yes THAT Dyson. The Dyson of bag-less vacuum fame. The Dyson who completely revolutionised their section of the market, and massively raised the bar for domestic appliance standards. The Dyson of nearly 2,000 patents. The same Dyson whose founder also gave his name (and money) to one of Britain’s most prestigious awards for new inventions. The same Dyson whose founder can’t even cultivate a garden without adding some technological marvel.

According to this page on Dyson’s website, the College was similarly impressed by one of their other great designs, if not their absolute finest, the Dyson Ball Vacuum.


So, there you have it. If anyone else has had this commendation, then don’t be shy to display it. You’re clearly in very esteemed company!


Hiplok Bike Locks

One product that’s caught our eye lately is this, the Hiplok. In short, it’s a bike lock that you can wear while on the move.


Have a look at them on YouTube

There a number of reasons why this should interest us (especially as several of our staff are keen cyclists). but above all, nothing gives us a bigger buzz than finding a kindred spirit.

Like i-stay, Hiplok have been inspired to exist by a common irritation.

Like i-stay, their eventual solution was innovative, yet simple, practical and comfortable.

Like i-stay, their ingenuity has won them awards.

Like i-stay, they are a small company quietly revolutionising their industry.


Peas in a pod.

i-stay – Already Phablet Compatible

One interesting development in the tech world over recent years has been the rise of the ‘phablet’.


Phablets are where smartphones and tablet computers meet. Essentially a ‘big mobile’, phablets are proving an effective alternative for those who find typical-sized smartphones too fiddly (or a smaller screen too difficult to read), but neither want something quite so cumbersome as a two-handed tablet computer:

Best Phablets – Pocket Lint

Best Phablets – PC Advisor

The one drawback has been storage. Although designed to be as sleek as an average mobile, phablets are too wide for most pockets. Thankfully, i-stay are, as ever, ahead of the game.


Every i-stay case comes with a fancy padded organiser section. These compartments have specially shaped, secure pockets for each individual item in your mobile office. The ones for phones are easily snug enough to store even a phablet, eliminating any unsightly bulges in your clothes.

But what happens if your phablet starts going off? Well, the position of the organiser on the front of the bags ensures quick access. With the exception of our rucksack, you won’t even need to take the bag off your shoulder to open it.

i-stay = No More Rummaging.