Another Passing Grade for i-stay

This past week, i-stay received another great review. We loaned out three of our laptop bags to an ergonomics tester, Axis Ergonomics. They subjected our strap to its most thorough test yet.

i-stay assessment report-page-001

Their conclusions were:

  • The i-stay strap fulfils many of the good design features of a single shoulder strap
    identified in the ergonomics literature.
  • Testing of the strap in use shows that it does not slip off the shoulder when attached
    to a loaded bag as easily as a conventional shoulder strap. This is because of the
    combination of strap width, frictional properties of the material on the underside of the strap, and the shape, size and profile of the load-bearing aspect of the strap.
  • The design features of the strap mean the surface area in contact with the top of the
    shoulder is considerably larger than a conventional strap. This will reduce shoulder
    pressure and, most likely, spinal compression.
  • Since the strap is less likely to slip off the shoulder then the risk of a bag falling
    unexpectedly and being ‘snatched’ before it falls to the ground is reduced. In turn this reduces the risk of a manual handling injury sustained by catching a falling bag.
  • The use of the strap leaves both arms more free to be able to be used with a lesser
    risk of the bag falling from the shoulder.

Or in short:

Ergonomics statement-page-001


Another professional commendation. Thank you Andy Nicholson and Axis!


Mobile Office from Antler

We would like to draw your attention to a recent purchase of our own. The Metis Portrait Mobile Office from Antler is a fantastic luggage trolley, with several great benefits.


We particularly love how the material remains slight, yet tough. The padding provides a very effective guard for even your most vulnerable tech, yet also leaves plenty of room for the complete gear, including peripherals. Within this bag are secure, lockable compartments for a multitude of gadgets.


Also handy – literally – are the carry handles and zips, enabling a secure grip and ease of access. While both the pole and the strap provide a good measure of comfort when transporting the bag on foot. (With no negative affect on your posture.) Most definitely a user-friendly product.

We definitely recommend this product. You can find it here.


And PS, well done to Antler on reaching 100 years!

Christmas Magic!

christmas blogChristmas is coming with its magic and those exciting moment when we start shopping for our beloved ones. why not finding the perfect gift for the whole family in the i-stay collection.

For dad nothing more perfect than our is0103 i-stay 15.6-16 inch laptop messenger case.

For mum, this trendy is0106-2 i-stay 15.6-16 inch ladies laptop bag,

For your sister, the is0101-3 i-stay 10.1 inch netbook / iPad/ tablet messenger case is the perfect gift. Small, handy and colorful, she will love it.

For brothers, this bag is useful for travels and would be the ideal backpack. The is0105 i-stay 15.6-16 inch laptop backpack

For more details, visit our website:

i-stay and spilled coffee do not go together…via @macography

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Laptop bags, airports and cups of coffee

September 8, 2013

i-Stay replacement bag strap

You know the drill. You’re in a busy airport, 40 mins from boarding and crave a cup of coffee. You find a decent café near your gate, get a tray, fill up a cup with hot black coffee, get a Danish pastry too.

You lift the tray to go to the till and just in that moment the laptop bag you were carrying on your left shoulder decides – with a sudden movement – to slip off your shoulder and land on your forearm. Coffee spills everywhere, on your expensive Italian suit too. Heck, I’ve had better moments in my life than this….

Welcome to i-Stay, a British made replacement bag strap that promises to keep your laptop bag in its place – that is on your shoulder – no matter what.

Last month I splashed 14 pound Sterling from Amazon and bought it after the last close call at a European airport. I tell you what: It hasn’t failed to deliver what it promises.

It’s not the most elegant bag strap on the market (that is probably the only downside of this product) but hey, your bag remains safely on your shoulder and doesn’t slip off it whether you walk, run, or carry a tray with a cup of coffee on it.