Fortis: Our new range goes live

This is our first major announcement for some time, but it is a big one. This week saw the official launch of five brand new i-stay bags, the Fortis range.

is 0203

These bags are designed with the travelling executive in mind. A sleek and classy exterior encases a multitude of features within. As with our launch range, each bag is made of the highest quality nylon, with gunmetal fixtures and fittings, and all boast an extensive organiser section (with the addition of a detachable key fob) with huge amounts of storage space for your other essentials.

is 0204 Front Open

Every bag has a pocket specially tailored to fit a tablet of up to 12 inches in length, and all bar the tablet bag have another pocket for a laptop of up to 15.6 inches. Both of these pockets are lined with luxury burgundy ‘non-scratch’ fabric and each bag is fully padded throughout for maximum protection and comfort.

is 0202 Open

Speaking of comfort, our patented non-slip strap remains a key feature of course – with one exception. This range includes i-stay’s first trolley bag – with wheels designed to run ultra-smoothly – which we don’t recommend you carry on your shoulder! However, you can attach the laptop organiser/clamshell bags onto the telescopic handles using the retainer strap on the back.

is 0205 Trolley Retainer Strap

i-stay Fortis is the perfect companion for business and travel. Have a closer look on our website here;


Another Passing Grade for i-stay

This past week, i-stay received another great review. We loaned out three of our laptop bags to an ergonomics tester, Axis Ergonomics. They subjected our strap to its most thorough test yet.

i-stay assessment report-page-001

Their conclusions were:

  • The i-stay strap fulfils many of the good design features of a single shoulder strap
    identified in the ergonomics literature.
  • Testing of the strap in use shows that it does not slip off the shoulder when attached
    to a loaded bag as easily as a conventional shoulder strap. This is because of the
    combination of strap width, frictional properties of the material on the underside of the strap, and the shape, size and profile of the load-bearing aspect of the strap.
  • The design features of the strap mean the surface area in contact with the top of the
    shoulder is considerably larger than a conventional strap. This will reduce shoulder
    pressure and, most likely, spinal compression.
  • Since the strap is less likely to slip off the shoulder then the risk of a bag falling
    unexpectedly and being ‘snatched’ before it falls to the ground is reduced. In turn this reduces the risk of a manual handling injury sustained by catching a falling bag.
  • The use of the strap leaves both arms more free to be able to be used with a lesser
    risk of the bag falling from the shoulder.

Or in short:

Ergonomics statement-page-001


Another professional commendation. Thank you Andy Nicholson and Axis!

i-stay Crosses the Pond

The i-stay brand continues to expand into new territories. We’ve recently inked a deal with a distributor which will see our products on sale – actually, like, in the flesh for sale – on the other side of the Atlantic.

So, for all you North American masses huddled together to keep each other’s bag straps on their shoulder, good news – you will soon be breathing free.

i-stay north america

And just in case you need reminding of the benefit of an i-stay non-slip strap, here’s our guide:

Today the office, tomorrow the world

It’s bank holiday season, which always puts us in the travelling mood.

i-stay world

So, over on our Twitter we’re wondering where you might take your i-stay strap this year. As you can see from our website they’ve already turned up in some interesting places.

But we’re sure our collection isn’t even half-full (or even half-a-half-full, or even half-a-half-a-half-a-half… well, you get the idea). So, we’d like to hear where you’d take yours. In fact, as the i-stay can attach to camera bags as well as rucksacks, you might need more than one!

And when you get there, send us back a snap or two for our album. We promise we won’t bore you with a slideshow.

i-stay is going to Arizona!

Next week, i-stay will be on display at the Travel Goods Show in Phoenix, Arizona.

Travel Goods Show

The event runs from Tuesday 11th through to Thursday 13th of March at the Phoenix Convention Center. If you’re in the area, we advise you to come along and check us out. We’ll have our whole range out for you to explore.

We will be sited at booth number 1166, next to NoiseHushXpanda Bag and Addax Bags. Hope to see you there!

Full Range Updated

Sweet Offer for Valentine’s Day

The i-stay non-slip strap is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. Unlike other bag straps, this one will hold you close, and comfort you, through even the most turbulent of days – unfortunately common at the moment.

hi red strap

Also, check out our range in seasonable Valentine’s red. (Though it’ll look fabulous at any time of the year.)








And because we care for you, we’re offering 20% off all our products up to and including the 14th of February.


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