About i-stay

i-stay is a fantastic new patented design that is practical as well as stylish.

The i-stay range of products is perfect for anyone who; dislikes a bag strap falling of their shoulder, holds a lot of weight in their bag, travels a lot or hates a bag that digs into their shoulder. The i-stay strap is suitable for any bag that has “D” rings.

RCofC - CommendedThe College of Chiropractors has commended the i-stay range for its potential to help users avoid musculoskeletal discomfort and to minimise the aches and pains associated with carrying a heavy shoulder bag.

All of the bags within the i-stay range come complete with an i-stay strap which has been designed with the following features:

i-wont slip off
i-stay on your shoulder
i-keep you comfortable
i-spread the load
i-keep it safe
i-am stylish
i-fit anyone
i-stay put

For more information and to view the full range of products visit www.i-stayput.com


3 thoughts on “About i-stay

  1. I was about to throw out my beloved camera bag; after seeing you on Dragons Den l was so impressed with the concept that l ordered one immediately. I can’t wait until the moment when l have my precious camera bag and contents stay on my shoulder. It’s hard enough that happening when l have two dogs pulling at me and a handful of shopping to deal with! Many congratulation, l wish you a lot of success with your business.

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