i-stay Laptop / Tablet Backpack (is0402) review

We are indebted to Sarah Lean – who keeps a blog under the nickname Techie Lass and tweets @WeeYinFotos – for her positive review of our newest laptop backpack, the is0402 in grey.

You can read her review here – “feels like a quality product” indeed!



2 thoughts on “i-stay Laptop / Tablet Backpack (is0402) review

  1. I-Walk. Will my I-Stay Stay Put?

    My i-stay 10.1inch tablet case and gadget bag arrived much sooner than I expected from Amazon on Saturday 28th January 2017. Wonderful. Why do I need one? I have just won funding from the EU to spend time with a research lab at Nantes University that specialises in methodologies for personal history interviews. Their work seems complementary to my autoethnographic approach to unlocking tacit knowledge in the city. Together we will pilot an approach to data collection that I have called archaeological topohonics. Using micro voice recorders and a team of case participants we plan to excavate a new walking route which would have been known to the surrealist poet, André Breton when he worked in Nantes a century ago. Hence the padded shoulder bag for all this fragile audio and writing equipment. I will report back on its performance in April 2017 here and on my research blog at the Toureme net

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