The Sun Strap – Another Bright Idea

Something that’s come to our attention recently is this interesting project. A development team from Minnesota have come up with a solar panel that you can fit to your bag strap, allowing you to charge your USB devices while on the move.


Called the Sun Strap, the device is wonderfully slim and fairly lightweight, even with a battery big enough to charge several phones to maximum power! As you can see, it’s certainly not intrusive, and most importantly, would definitely not be a negation of our own pride and joy, the i-stay non-slip bag strap (which gently grips in such a way as to transfer the weight across your shoulder).

To read more about the Sun Strap, and perhaps make a donation to its funding, click here to be taken through to its Kickstarter page.

In short, this is definitely another invention made in the same, classic spirit that brought the i-stay into existence. A simple, comfortable and stylish, yet ingenious – and not to mention environmentally friendly – solution to a very common modern irritance. Much better than the cumbersome solar panels some people have erected on the back of their rucksacks!


We can only wish the team at Skajaquoda all the very best.



1 thought on “The Sun Strap – Another Bright Idea

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