i-stay Already Fits On Your Bag

Contrary to rumours, i-stay would like to make it perfectly clear that we have absolutely nothing against other bags. After all, variety is the spice of life.

To prove it, we would like to highlight one of the i-stay’s main selling points – its portability. You see, the i-stay isn’t just for slick business professionals. The clips at either end of the strap mean it can be attached to any bag that has D-rings, whether a laptop bag, a camera bag, a sports bag or whatever.

i-fit any bag no-text

It’s the best way of discovering the i-stay’s benefits. Just clip the strap on and you’ll be amazed at how much lighter and more comfortable your own trusty bag suddenly feels when you wear it with an i-stay.

i-stay Fits Any Bag

Watch our YouTube guide to the i-stay strap

So, even if you feel that your current bag suits your needs, try it with an i-stay makeover. You’ll feel the benefit.

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