Improve Your Health the i-stay Way

One of the many key features of the i-stay non-slip bag strap is the comfort provided by the rubber webbing. Especially when compared to a standard thin strap that digs into your shoulder, weighing you down and leaving a deep, red mark.

Well it gets better. The i-stay has been shown to genuinely benefit your health. With the web spreading the weight of the bag across your shoulder, your bag holds you down less. This means your posture remains closer to your natural gait than it would with an ordinary bag strap holding up all your heavy belongings and dragging one side of you down.

all 4 colour straps

Over time, your musculoskeletal structure will feel the benefit of this decrease in strain and a return to a more natural stance. In recognition of this, the i-stay gained official commendation from the (now Royal) College of Chiropractors in 2012. It remains one of our proudest boasts.


Also, check out the i-stay’s cameo on the health section of ITV’s This Morning, with another professional recommendation, this time from Dr. Chris:

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