What to look for when buying a bag

At i-stay you will find that our bags are designed to make a huge difference in your travel, comfort and convenience. When searching for your perfect bag you should always be aware of all available options before making a purchase. Find out about the different types of functional bags to ensure you get the correct bag that best suits your lifestyle and necessity.  Question yourself? – ‘What are you paying for?’

Critical aspects to consider include:

–      Quality
–      Carrying Capacity
–      Airline Hand Luggage Limits
–      Overall Bag Weight
–      Overall Shape and Balance
–      Type and Configuration of Zippers
–      Quantity, Volume, Shape, and arrangement of storage compartments.

i-stay prides itself with providing the finest quality fixtures, fittings and materials within our complete i-stay bag and strap collection. Our bags are made from 100% Nylon and the i-stay strap is made from a durable rubber polymer material with 100% Polyester for the webbing. The i-stay bags are durable, water resistant and most importantly high quality.

Bags are a functional accessory, when buying the correct one they can help carry everything needed throughout day-to-day activities. The great thing with using a bag with our i-stay non-slip bag strap means hands can be kept free with no concerns of it slipping off your shoulder. Shoppers looking for the perfect bag should consider purchasing a bag based on how much they generally have with them as well as the overall look.

When shopping for bags, relatively few people stop to check what the bag is made of. Unfortunately, this is a habit that can lead to spending money on something that will not be long lasting. As previously mentioned, our i-stay bags are made from Polyester and Nylon which are both synthetic fibers which form smooth, slightly glossy fabrics that are often used in place of cottons and silks, but have much more rigidity than either. They look

What are you waiting for! Check out the i-stay bag and strap range here

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