A guide to laptop and tablet sizes, which one is right for you?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a new laptop or tablet. Below we have listed some of these key points in details to help you make your decision.

Portability and weight
How often will you be carrying it around? The weight of a laptop is what tends to directly impact the portability of a computer however the smaller and lighter it is the more portable it will be but the less computing power and functionality will be placed into that computer. A system that is heavy will cause fatigue and strain on your shoulder (an i-stay strap will help with this!). If you are a frequent traveler, a smaller tablet or ultra-book may work out more useful than a laptop due to tighter airport luggage restrictions and the convenience of carrying a smaller lighter item. Be careful when comparing systems on their weight as most manufacturers list just the weight of the computer with its standard battery installed which fails to include items such as the charger. Be sure to look for weight that is referred to as the ‘travel weight’ when researching.

When you are spending a lot of money on something, you have to like the design, shape and colour. So make sure you look around and get what looks the best in your eyes.

Additional Extras
You need to consider which features will come already built into your system. For example most ultra books are removing the DVD drives to save on space and make the item lighter and more convenient. If this is an element you use regularly on your laptop then you need to remember that you will have to purchase and carry this external device around. Add up the prices of all the additional extras you will need for your system to get an overall calculation of the cost before buying.

Battery Life
What will you be using your portable computer for? Is it going to be useful if you are only able to get less than 2 hours computing time on a single charge? Many systems advertise all day battery life which translates to 8 hours (a working day), in reality most are much lower than this. Try to find the manufacturer’s listed battery life for the standard battery. For a laptop, look to get a system with at least three to four hours of battery life under normal conditions or if you need extended time unplugged, look for laptops with media bays that can double as extra battery slots or have extended life batteries that can be purchased.

Warranty Plans
Due to their portability, laptops and tablets are more prone to breakdowns as they tend to take a lot more abuse than a normal desktop PC. You should always make sure you receive at least a one year manufacturer’s warranty. if you plan to use your new laptop/tablet frequently, buying an additional year or two warranty will be worthwhile.

So, we have listed a few key points here, but what do YOU think is the most important feature?

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