What do you carry in your i-stay tablet bag?

We discover from one owner what they keep in their i-stay iPad/tablet bag!

i-stay: Hi Sarah, welcome to the i-stay blog! First things first, how long have you had your i-stay bag for?

Sarah: Hi! I got my bag just before Easter, I was planning a weekend away and wanted to take my iPad with me. I was after something a bit different and I spotted this bag in Rymans.

i-stay: Great, so what attracted you to the i-stay design of bag?

Sarah: I liked the fact that it would fit my iPad while it is in a case, the size is perfect and the strap caught my attention.

i-stay: So, what do you keep in your i-stay bag?

Sarah: I use the bag every day on my way to work and also when I am out and about in London for business as it’s great on the tube as I always feel my iPad is well protected. I carry my car/house keys, notepad, a few pens and pencils, my iPad of course, chewing gum and my purse. Sometimes I carry a handbag separately but I often try to minimise how much I am carrying.

i-stay: What is your favourite thing about your i-stay bag?

Sarah: It would have to be the strap; the design is unlike anything I have seen on a bag before. The non-slip factor is also a bonus especially during times when I am rushing around.

i-stay: One final question; would you recommend i-stay to others?

Sarah: I would. The bag range looks good and it’s nice to see something a bit different!

i-stay: Thank you very much Sarah for taking the time to speak to us today! See a picture of Sarah’s i-stay iPad bag below:

is0101 what to put in your bag

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