i-fit any bag…

SilouhettesThe i-stay non slip bag straps are perfect for anyone who; dislikes a bag strap falling of their shoulder, holds a lot of weight in their bag, travels a lot or hates a bag that digs into their shoulder. The i-stay strap has been designed to clip onto any bag that has “D” rings.

You can use your i-stay strap on your:
– Camera Bag
– Gym bag / Duffel Bag
– Laptop bag
– Handbag
– Briefcase
………..and much more.

Choose either a Black, Red, Grey or White i-stay strap depending on what bag you would like to use it on or what mood you are in!

i-fit any bagCC-Commended
Don’t forget the i-stay bag strap has been commended by the college of Chiropractors for its ability to help users avoid the aches and pains associated with carrying a heavy shoulder bag.

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