Chiropratic Awareness Week 15th-21st April 2013


Its chiropractic awareness week! The i-stay team has been very busy since the i-stay strap appeared on This Morning with Phillip, Holly and Dr Chris on the 16th April. Dr Chris tried the i-stay strap himself and loved it saying “I’m going to try and pinch this when the programs finished”. If you didnt catch the episode, you can watch it now on ITV player.

Dr chris i-stay strap TV

In the latest consumer research carried out by the BCA, British Chiropractic Association, (Feb/Mar 2013), 44% of the population state that they are currently suffering from some form of back / neck pain₁.

The i-stay team have been conducting research of our own concerning back pain and ways for sufferers avoid it. We have found that the BCA website offers excellent advice to help prevent back pain. The below details what you should do if you are on the move in the house or out and about with a laptop:

The portability of a laptop makes it very convenient and flexible to use, but it is tempting to use them in situations where you might be in an awkward position. You may not realise that you are in an uncomfortable or potentially pain inducing position if you are concentrating on what you are doing.
– If using a laptop, invest in a stand to put it on (or use a ream of paper or other object). This ensures the screen is at eye level.
– For laptops used in the home, it is a good idea to buy a normal keyboard and mouse to plug in, as this makes it much easier to use the laptop in a more ‘back friendly manner’.
– When on the move with your laptop, take time to check your bag or briefcase for items you will not need. It is amazing how much unwanted ‘stuff’ quickly accumulates and the additional weight in your bag is extra weight that your shoulders and back have to bear.
– Use a rucksack design laptop case, carry it on both shoulders and adjust the straps so that the bag is held close to your back.
– On the train……………If you are on the train and must use your laptop, don’t sit for long periods doing this, as you are looking down onto the screen with your head unsupported.

The i-stay laptop bags are lightweight, durable, fashionable and all come complete with the i-stay non slip bag strap. As mentioned on ITV’s This Morning, the rubber shoulder pad of the strap has been designed to be comfortable, spread the load of the weight carried and most importantly not slip off your shoulder. The i-stay strap is currently available in 4 colours and you can view the full i-stay range including the unique laptop backpack on

Phillip + Holly, Dr Chris and strapView a full breakdown of Dr Chris’s health alert from this episode on the ITV blog.


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