Finding the right laptop bag

Choosing a laptop bag is a tough decision, it’s not only about the look of the case it’s also about the practicality. So, what makes a good laptop bag? Here are our most important factors to consider when choosing a laptop case:

  • Will your laptop/tablet be well protected? It should fit snugly in the laptop compartment/pocket and be fully padded.
  • The laptop compartment/pocket should secure your laptop/tablet firmly.
  • It must be comfortable! There is nothing worse than carrying around an uncomfortable laptop bag.
  • Ensure it has the right amount of pockets to hold everything you would carry; does it have a separate compartment for documents? If you travel a lot, ensuring the right amount of compartments on the bag is essential.
  • Does it have an organiser section which has all the sections you require?
  • Do you like the look of it?
  • Is it the right price point for what you are going to use it for? Does the price match the quality?

As well as the above points it is also important that your laptop bag is lightweight, if it is heavy when it is empty then you will not enjoy it when it’s full with your items!

Types of Bags

After considering the above points you then have to factor in the many different types of laptop bags that you can buy including:

Classic laptop bags – These are simple bags where you generally have a zip pocket on the top and slip your laptop in easily. Many have external pockets for extra items and these come in many different colours, shapes and sizes.

Messenger laptop bags – A funky choice for a laptop bag, generally for people who enjoy wearing a bag across the body leaving your hands free.

Laptop briefcases – Professional looking cases which can be polyester, synthetic or real leather. If you like traditional cases then this is the perfect laptop case for you.

Laptop backpacks – If you are on the move a lot or travel by bicycle then a laptop backpack could be the best solution to you. Backpacks spread the weight across both shoulders and tend to be very comfortable.

Trolley laptop bags – Ideal for frequent travellers or for people less able to carry around a bag on their shoulder. These wheeled bags either have laptop sections inside or have a detachable laptop bag which can fit snugly into the case.

Tote/Ladies laptop bags – For ladies who want something a little more feminine or colourful. These usually include lots of extra pockets and space so you can fit all of your items and not have to carry around an additional handbag.

Laptop sleeves – Thin padded cases that may or may not have a shoulder strap. Laptop sleeves are handy if you like to carry your laptop or tablet around in your everyday bag.

So, choosing the right laptop bag is tough but not impossible. Finding great websites or shops with a good selection can help you on your way.

Dont forget – if you are looking for comfort and fashion then the i-stay bags are the perfect choice!
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