i-stay in Copenhagen

What better way to try out my new i-stay non slip bag strap than on a weekend break to Copenhagen visiting the Christmas markets!

The journey to Denmark’s capital city was largely uneventful with my strap safely nestled away in the aircrafts overhead locker for the flight. We took a short train ride from the airport to Copenhagen’s central station and made our way outside to a snow covered ground and thousands of bicycles surrounding the train station. Our hotel was a 5 minute walk from the station, located in the trendy Vesterbro district and after checking in and taking a peek at the facilities we were off sightseeing.


Day 1

Day one saw us strolling around Strøget shopping area which is the world’s longest Pedestrian Street. There was a lovely Christmas market in the centre where we enjoyed some mulled wine and an extremely large Bratwurst

Day 24

We went to visit Amalienborg Palace (right) where the changing of the guard takes place every day at noon, no matter what the weather in Denmark might be like. The guards march from Rosenborg Castle to the Palace with a full marching band. It was a spectacular sight to see!

Day 3

6The start of day 3 included a trip to the famous Little Mermaid statue (left) as well as an evening visit to the magnificent Tivoli Gardens – A theme park in the centre of Copenhagen which was a true winter wonderland with some of the most extravagant Christmas decorations I have ever seen.

Day 410

The final day of our long weekend included many sights. We visited Rosenborg Castle (right) which is set in beautiful grounds, Frederiks Church was a magnificent building and we climbed the steep hill of the Round Tower (Rundetaarn) to view the old Latin quarter of Copenhagen.

So after using my i-stay strap for 4 days I found my shoulder did not ache as it normally would after carrying a heavy bag around and walking a lot for long days. The strap was comfortable, robust and the rubber was perfect – we were often caught in rain and snow, the non-slip factor was not affected by the wetness at all and it dried quickly.

Overall a very successful trip, much aided by my bag not slipping off my shoulder every 5 minutes!

Written by Zoe


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